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I teach a variety of subjects related to math and physics. Some examples of subjects I've taught appear below, and I am always happy to create a new syllabus for a student, whenever my expertise allows for it.

Most of my students are professionals looking to expand their knowledge in a setting that is more flexible and personalized than a college course. I've taught people with Ivy League math degrees, and people with little to no previous math background. I've taught engineers at Google Brain and Facebook. You can read testimonials from some of my students here.

To see what I'm currently working on, check out my now page.

Book a free consultation here, and we can discuss what you'd like to learn!

My current rate (as of 2021-02) is typically around $80/hour, though this may vary depending on the situation. A discount is available if you purchase 10 hours of tutoring in advance.

Some subjects I have taught before

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